Comparison Between Communicative Grammar

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Comparison Between Communicative Grammar Teaching and Traditional Grammar Teaching

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Abstract: “Discover of grammar” is a set of techniques used in grammar teaching and learning where learners observe, think, analyze and discover the rules and grammatical knowledge of the language being studied.
Communicative grammar teaching is much better than traditional grammar teaching.
This assignment will deal with grammar teaching in middle schools in a communicative way not in the traditional way. It focuses on the fact that learners/students will learn the grammar rules through the communicative way, that is, through their own experience of using the language and from their reasoning of analyzing the language. It is very different from the traditional teaching methods that learners/students are taught the dull grammar rules by the teachers. We will see clearly from the assignment that the communicative method of teaching grammar is much better than the old traditional method of dealing with grammar and that what is the more proper way of enabling the learners/students to master the language itself as well as the language grammar.

Key words: communicative, traditional, discover grammar, combine the two methods


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